Pedal Greece, powered by 48×17 cycles, invites you to a roadbike holiday of a lifetime.
Come ride a variety of amazing terrain, immerse in Greek culture, feast on local delicacies and relish your days in the sun


Sparta, Mt. Taygetus & Lakonian Mani

Sparta, Mt. Taygetus

An unspoiled part of the Peloponnese. With amazing traditional farmhouse-turned luxury guesthouses situated in picturesque Tripi at the formidable Mt. Taygetus



Olive Land & The Messenian Mani

Sparta, Mt. Taygetus

Messenia is a classic Mediterranean landscape of rolling hills wrapped in leafy vineyards and perennial olive groves that give way too long, velvet beaches


Our Offerings

Club Special

For those who prefer a more focused riding experience.

Price includes:
◦ Kalamata airport transfers.
◦ Accomodation – based on double occupancy – in beautiful seaside village of Mani.
◦Breakfast, snacks and selected dinners.
◦English speaking riding guide throughout.
◦ Technical support.

We ride together, have breakfast and a few selected dinners at the hotel but other than that your daily schedule is completely your own. Of course you can always count on us on local info and suggestions on what and where to eat/drink and see.

Super Deluxe

Offers a full service and an amazing time on and off the bike.

Price includes:
◦ Kalamata airport transfers.
◦ High quality accommodation in a number of different hotels/guesthouses in different locations throughout the trip, (based on double occupancy).
◦ Carefully curated meals by chefs using local produce (breakfast, lunch and dinner – including wine).
◦ English speaking riding guide throughout.
◦ Support van throughout the trip, all day every day.
◦ Carefully curated itinerary that also includes sightseeing, cultural visits and impromptu surprises.

Upcoming Trips

Apr 23 – Apr 29

Super Deluxe – 1800€

May 14 – May 20

Club Special – 800€

Sep 28 – Oct 04

Super Deluxe – 1800€

Oct 22 – Oct 28

Club Special – 800€


Small Gatherings, Great Rides

We believe that riding with friends is better than riding alone, so for our bike trips we commit ourselves to creating an atmosphere of easy fun and camaraderie. We believe in fast riding and slow living. This is why our rides are always a challenge for experienced riders but never a survival match.

It is also why we work closely with local makers, riders and communities to give you a true sense of the places we visit. We know the most beautiful, staggering roads the Peloponnese has to offer, because we’ve trained there time and time again.

Things to know

Apr – Oct 20o – 35o  Daylight 6:00 – 21:00

In 2016, Lonely Planet voted the Peloponnese the top spot of their Best in Europe list.

The Peloponnese is the stuff of legends, fictional as well as real life ones. Home to Europe’s first major civilization (Mycenaean), it is where Hercules fought the Nemean lion and gods walked the earth; it’s from here that Paris of Troy eloped with Helen, where the Olympic Games were born and where the Greek War of Independence began in 1821. It is a place of myth and history.

Mount Taygetus, Spartans’ holy mountain, is the twelfth highest mountain in Greece, peaking at 2,407 metres.

There are about 132mn olive trees growing in Greece. They produce an average of 350,000 tons of olive oil per year, of which 82% is extra-virgin and of which 65% comes from the Peloponnese.

With a mountainous interior and miles upon miles of breathtakingly beautiful shores, the Peloponnese truly offers a varied terrain. You can spend a hot day by the beach at 35°, then head up to a mountain village and enjoy a comfortable sleep at 18°, both within an hour’s ride.

After visiting Mani for the first time back in 1951, Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, one of the greatest travel writers of all time, wrote “”I felt like staying there forever”. And he did. He built a house in an olive grove near Kardamyli and lived there with his wife until his death in 2011.

It’s the home to six UNESCO Heritage Sites.

In the last few years the region has emerged as a prime culinary destination. In 2015 the Benaki Museum put the spotlight on the culinary traditions of the Peloponnese during its acclaimed “Gastronomy Days” annual Festival.

Fast Riding, Slow Living!