About us | Pedal Greece

Who we are

A group of dedicated, passionate cyclists centered around 48×17 cycles, Athens’ premium bike shop, founded in 2011. A few years ago a small group of us started travelling to Peloponnese often to train and spend quality time on the bike. We quickly realized we were having too good a time to not share with others so more and more people, friends and 48×17 customers, started joining us. We called these bike trips “brovets” because we wanted to emphasize the athletic but relaxed feel of them (hey, we know it’s an obvious pun but still we like it). Pedal Greece is a natural progression of the brovet initiative. There is nothing we enjoy more than cycling Peloponnese. We’ve done it a million times and it never looses its thrill. It’s time you came along with us.

What we do

We pick you up from (and drop you off at) Kalamata International Airport so it’s easy to bring your own bicycle. We make you feel at home in traditional guesthouses, where the term “Greek hospitality” really comes to life. We guide you through the most scenic, challenging and rewarding roads Peloponnese has to offer and make sure you get full technical support by our experienced staff.

We offer two different types of holidays: Τhe Deluxe and Club Special.

Deluxe package:
Offers a full service and an amazing time on and off the bike.
Price includes
– breakfast, lunch, dinner (cooked by local chef using localy sourced produce).
– Wine is also on us
– High quality accommodation in a number of different hotels/guesthouses in different locations throughout the trip.
– English speaking riding guide.
– Support van throughout the daily ride, all day every day (for those that want to do half-ride and continue with the van for whatever reason).
– Technical support.
– Our carefully curated itinerary also includes sightseeing, cultural visits and impromptu surprises.

Club Special:
For those of you who prefer a more focused riding experience the Club Special option offers you a chance to plan your own time après ride.
– Based on a beautiful seaside village of Mani you get to ride some amazing terrain.
– Always returning with round trips to hotel.
– Breakfast, snacks and selected dinners.
– Apres-ride time is free for you to chose to get out and explore or stay in and relax.
– Support vehicle and technical support.
We ride together, have breakfast and a few selected dinners at the hotel but other than that your daily schedule is completely your own. Of course you can always count on us on local info and suggestions on what and where to eat/drink and see.

Ride Peloponesse
A beautiful and classic Meditarranean terrain with an extended cycling season and an extensive network of traffic free rural roads. Deep forests, unending golden beaches and breathtaking views over the archipelago make the challenging ascents time you will never forget.
Eat and Drink
Greece has one of the most varied and rich food cultures in the world. Based on olive oil it has been praised by food critics and it has helped Greeks be one of the longest and healthiest living nations of the world.
Experience Culture
Home to such things as wine, theatre and philosophy, this tiny land has a rich culture that will surprise you with its high gastronomy and culture level and the warmth and hospitality of its people.

Fun Riding, Slow Living!

When you call us, you will most likely speak to Agi. He leads our customer service and will be happy to assist you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you might have.