My name is Agis Kolyvas.

I come from a relatively small village outside of Sparta and I spent all of my youth camping, hiking, fishing and living by the sea out of my dad’s T2 Volkswagen van. He was an amateur bee keeper and we moved a lot in the summer to find places where the honey would be good. Peloponnese at that time was incredible, a kind of balkan version of early California vibe without the hustle. Then I lived abroad and did other city things and the place kind of hibernate within me.
I started riding bikes in Peloponnese 18 years ago as a short break with friends. I was instantly inspired and amazed by the riding possibilities that this land is offering. By the next time I was there so many memories came back to me of my childhood spent outdoors and realised that in its essence the place hasn’t changed much, the vibe was still the same. Its still a place full of history and blessed with so many mountains and peaks but also coastline that is truly a cycling playground. It has remained authentic and picturesque and unlike other places in Europe is not full of six storey costal hotels and other ugly touristy stuff.

Few years back I met Doros in a wedding at Kardamyli and we became friends and started riding together. Pedal Greece was born and we are now inviting you to show you this experience that we really think is unique.

Got any questions? Or perhaps you’d just like to hear more about our trips and what we do? We’d love to hear from you.

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