26 September 2021

Meet our pacers: Doros

Meet our pacers: Doros

If you have joined any of our trips you would surely have met Doros. A resident of Sparta with local knowledge of routes and sections unparalleled to none. He loves his home-ground and with him we have developed the most fun riding group to take you up the climbs.

What is your favorite route in Sparta?
Saturdays we always do the Touristiko ride, ie the ascent of Taygetos Mountain, and this is my favorite climb in the area. It has everything that an epic climb should have, flat first section, a gorge to go through, a thick forest, great views, steep grades and those switchbacks!

… also its 5 minutes from my house!

What is your cycling background?
I started in 1995 with a steel GT Karakoram MTB! I joined the local club and participated through school in training rides and some races. Never really took racing seriously and always felt a bit out of place in super competitive events.
Then I did MTB for a long time and switched to riding road bikes around 2010. I ride intense but not racing.

What is your favorite food?

Pizza, gourounopoula and galaktompoureko, not necesseraly in that precise order.

Name few places you would love to ride?
I would love to ride north Norway in the summer, also Japan and maybe like some jungle set up but i cant stand humidity so forget that.

Things you love and hate in a group ride?
Loving a competitive pace without being dropped, having fun with good friends and I hate it when people talk all the time same irrelevant stuff non-stop. You have to know the limits.

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