April 30 - May 7, 2022

Peloponnese PremiumPlus


6 days guided based out of Kalamata and Sparta with routes around Mount Parnonas and Mount Taygetos. Accommodation. food and transfers all included.

€ 3000

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Our #REMIUMPLUS trip offers the best of Peloponnese region and it varies from our other premium trips on the accomodation, choice of restaurants, extras and activities.

Starting from Nafplio and ending in Cape Tainaro is a 6-day mix of mid-level routes around the mountains of Parnonas and Taygetos with a full summit to sea experience of mountains and beaches including transfers, dinners, on-road snacks, mechanics, pacers and support car, sport massage, spa, photography, rest day activities and gastronomy visits.

This trip is fine tuned given our 5+ years of experience designing stage-type cycling experiences in the region. You will be moving through the landscape each day experiencing the mountains of Greece in their full majesty as the trip brings together the summits and climbs with routes down to the beach with 5-6 full days of riding and quality rest time. This tour can be adjusted from intermediate to advanced levels, but our preferred routes are around 80-150km days with a good amount of climbing, so we’d recommend intermediate-advanced riders comfortable with climbs.

We’ll pick up everyone from Athens and head straight off to our starting point at Nafplio in the Peloponesse. We will climb Parnonas and then spent 2 days in Sparta riding the Taygetos massif in a spacial loop that is the climax of our climbing stage. Then on we move to Messinia peninsula and its vibrant capital Kalamata where we ride 2 more days before we move to Mani towards the end of our trip.

Highlights will include a round trip around Taygetos mountain with some new off the radar sections added for this season, the picturesque backroads of Messinia like they were built for cycling and a dawn ride to Mani.

spectacular climbs and gorges
ranging from lush forests to rocky and rugged terrain
good to excellent quality of tarmac
minimal traffic with super friendly locals

Included with #SpartanRoadsPremium:


Pedal Greece reserves the right to cancel and refund trips or suggest alternative dates if a trip has fewer than 4 guests

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