October 11 - October 17, 2020

Spartan Roads: Summit to Sea


The historic city of Sparta lies in a valley between two mountains, Mount Parnonas and Mount Taygetos. Beautiful and imposing, we’ll ride these ancient mountains before hitting the sea roads down into Mani.

€ 2500

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This trip is about the mountains of Greece in their full majesty and brings together the summits and climbs with routes down to the beach with 4 full days of riding and one rest day. This tour can be adjusted from intermediate to advanced levels, but our preferred routes are around 80-100km days with a good amount of climbing, so we’d recommend intermediate-advanced riders comfortable with climbs.

We love the Peloponnese and there is so much to offer here that we didn’t want to pick a single place to stay. That’s why when you ride with us we’ll be moving through the landscape and our support car will be helping us keep your stuff with you at all the fantastic locations we’re staying, from the mountains to the beach, this is not your normal bike holiday.

We’ll pick up everyone from Athens on the weekend and head straight off to our starting point in the Peloponesse to build our bikes with a sea view, meet, have some drinks and get ready for our riding. We’ll wake up on day 1 on the beach before we ride up into the Parnonas massif, through the rolling foothills and up into the alpine peaks and villages. We’ll ride through different landscapes as we climb and weave around the peaks and plateaus. We love the change in scene and landscape and we’re sure it will surprise you if you’re thinking Greece is about white house and blue seas – that’s for later in the trip. Day 2 we’ll enjoy another day in the mountains, either on the switchbacks of Taygetos or a day cruising around the villages and high alpine fields of Parnonas as we build up towards our big sea ride. We have the option to take in the sights of historic Mystras as we end our time in Sparta and prepare to find the coast.

Day 3 we head out early and head up over Mount Taygetos through some excellent gorges and epic switchbacks on #SpartanRoads. We’re here for the views as much as the ride, and we’ll be heading up and over several cols on our way to our first sea view down over Mani towards the Messinian gulf. After a break by the beach we’ll head down the coast road for the first leg of our #Mani200 ride, ending the day with fresh sea food on the beach. Day 4 is our rest day around the local capital Aeropoli and above a beach. We’ll have a short afternoon ride if anyone is interested, but it’s a great day to recharge and soak up the rural Greek culture with some rustic bread and wine in preparation for our next day’s riding.

Day 5 will be an epic one, starting out before sunrise we head south along the country roads for breakfast on the beach, then onwards to complete our #Mani200 ride just off cape Tenero where we’ll have an optional short hike to the lighthouse marking the most Southern tip of mainland Greece. After a quick rest and snack on the beach we’ll head up the coast to our lunch stop over before making our way back to our hotel. Day 6 we’ll head back to Sparta before heading back to Athens for a final night before everyone heads home the following weekend.

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